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12V GS2808 LED Strip VS 5V WS2813 LED Strip

Update Time : 2018-05-11 View : 5273

Recently we sucessfully made a new 12v invidual controlled dual signal GS8208 led strip, it has the same fuction with dual signal ws2813 led strip.

let's see  what's the difference between GS8208 and WS2813?

1> both of GS8208 and WS2813 LED Strip are dual signal /double singal , it means that if there is any one break, other leds still can work well.

The signal will be terminated only if two adjacent ones are broken at the same time.

2> both of GS8208 and WS2813 LED Strip can be individual controlled, and addressable , can mix 16777216 colors.

3>both of GS8208 and WS2813 LED Strip are 1 LED 1 IC 1 pixel, and can be cut by each pixel.

4> GS8208 LED Strip is 12v, WS2813 is 5V, so for voltage drop issue GS2808 has less voltage drop, and 12v is mroe convient to install.

5> WS2813 is IC inside led, GS8208 has both type of built-in IC and non built-in IC, so more choice for GS8208 LED Strip.

6> for project, usually most engineer prefer to use non built-in IC , because more stable quality, which is not easy to get moisture and better quality. so for this point, GS8208 can meet engieer's project request.

and now for 12V non built-in IC GS8208 led strip, 20LED/M, 48LED/M, 60LED/M available.

So I think , 12v individual addressable double data GS8208 led strip will more and more popular in the near future and instead of WS2813 LED Strip soonly.

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