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10x23MM WS2811/LC8806 Neon Led Strip

The external WS2811 serial signal magic flexible light belt uses FPCB as the main carrier, and uses patch LED lights and electronic components as the load of LED electronic luminous products.

12v DC low voltage power supply, neon tube size is 10X23mm, 5m weight about 1.5kg, good waterproof performance, fire resistance, milky white, does not turn yellow for 3 years

Waterproof connections can be customized

  • Product name: WS2811/LC8806 10X23mm neon tube magic Light Strip

    Model: LC2811RGB60XM10X-12V

    Neon Tube size: 10X23mm

    Voltage: DC12V

    Power: 14.4W/M

    Color: RGB

    Number of lights: 60/144 lights per meter optional

    Connection: 3 Pin Male and female connections ( Supports customized waterproof connectors )
    Packaging: 5m/reel

    Weight: 1.5kg/ reel

  • upload/202302/60leds WS2811系列规格书.pdf
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