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LC8806B RGB LED Chip
LC8806B is an intelligent externally controlled LED that integrates a control circuit and a light-emitting circuit. Its
appearance is the same as a 5050 LED . Each LED is a pixel. The LED contains an intelligent digital interface data latch
signal circuit. Power supply voltage regulator circuit, built-in constant current circuit, data regeneration circuit, high
precision RC oscillator, output drive adopts patented PWM technology, which effectively guarantees the color consistency
of the each pixel.
The data protocol adopts a unipolar return-to-zero code communication method. After the LED is powered on, the DIN
terminal receives external signal data, and the data regeneration circuit automatically reshapes and forwards the cascaded
output data to ensure that the data is transmitted in series without attenuation and normal transmission .
LC8806B has the advantages of low voltage drive, environmental protection and energy saving, high brightness, large
scattering angle, good consistency, long life and so on. The control circuit is integrated inside the LED, which makes the
application circuit design easier, less original parts, and small in size. Beautiful, easier to install.
  • LC8806B LED is a new pixel smd 5050 rgb led, and it is a 8 pins led, it is used to replace the WS2811 and UCS1903 led.

    LC8806B LED is completely compatible with WS2811 and UCS1903, dc12v individual pixel, produce with pure gold wire, 9μ chip to achieve high brightness and super quality, fast data tranfer, and high PWM Frequency.

    Now our LC88006B LED already mess production with led strip, such as 30led/m, 32led/m, 60led/m, 66led/m, 72led/m, 96led/m, 100led/m, 144led/m.

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