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SMD 2835 LED Strip
  • 60/72/98/120/168/196/240 LEDS/M

    2835 is high lumen smd led,each led is about 22-24 lumen,but lower current just about 30mA,it can be as brightness as 5050,and even 5630 led smd,but with lower power consumption,the most important is that it is stable enough,also much lower cost.

    2835 led strip is good replacement of 5050 and 5630 with lower cost and energy saving.

    and now we have many color choices for you (1800-2000k pink purple, 30-100k ice blue, 2000-2200k gold yellow, and 2800-3000k warm white, 4000-4500k natural white, 6000-6500k white)

    and the led strip voltage can be done 12V, 24V, 48V for your choice.

  • upload/202210/120leds 8mm 12V 2835 led strip.pdf
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