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SK6812WWA LED Strip from 1800K to 6500K

Color:Digital White

IC :SK6812 Built-in IC

LED Quantity: 30/60/72/144leds per meter

Size:  5000*12*2.5(mm)

View angle:120°

Working Input Voltage: 5V

Drive Mode:Contant Voltage

    • SK6812WWA LED Strip from 1800K to 6500K

      SK6812WWA LED is a newest development of built-in IC White Color SMD,,It is a type of digital white color changing led smd,which is three white colors dimming led,it is consist of amber color with 1800K,warm white color with the cct:3000k to 3200k and white color cct:6000-6500k,with digital ic to control the mixture color the CCT from 1800k to 6500k in one led ,it is almost the white color cct.That is to say when you need the led to light the warm white color so it is warm white , and you need it nature white so it can achieve nature white color...,
      With sk6812 inside,you can make it digital control with regular changing color.

      • IC Type:SK6812 Built-in IC
      • LED Type:High Brightness 5050SMD LED,
      • LED Qty :30/60/72/144 LED/m,
      • IC Qty: 30/60/72/144IC/m,
      • 16.4 ft / 5m Reel,
      • 30/60/72/144Pixels per meter,
      • Current:each chip is 20mA,60mA/LED,0.3W Max Power/led,
      • Color:Digital White
      • Viewing angle:120 degree,
      • Gray Scale:256.

      • Dimension:

      • 5000*12*2.5mm (non-waterproof),

      • 5000*12*3.5mm (IP65 waterproof),

      • 5000*14.5*4.5mm (IP67/68 waterproof),

      • Waterproof IP grade:IP20 Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back,
      • IP65 waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surface,
      • IP67: silicone tube,
      • IP68: silcone gel(or epoxy) inside silicone tube.


      • Each led individual controlled,every led cutable.
      • Operating Voltage 5 Voltage DC.
      • SPI signal control system, DVI video control system,DMX console controllable.
      • Madrix Software available (work with some special controllers).
      • high intensity video screen,video wall,water running effect,breathing effect,color chasing,ect.

      Connecting Diagram:

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