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RGBW 4in 1 LED Strip
 RGBW led strip is a new normal led strip, which use RGBW 4 in one 5050 smd led to be the light source. It can achieve wonderful lighting effects of RGB and white color by RGBW controller.

  • RGBW led chip is the new chip,which have R,G,B,W four color chips inside one 5050 SMD LED.The white color is much puerer and higher brightness.Can be controlled by wifi remote and cell phone(Android ,IOS).Change any color and dimmable as you want at any time.Can be DC12V,DC24V,30/60/72/84/96/120 LEDs per meter.

    RGBW(White coloe insde could be warm white:2800-3200K,nature white:4000-4500K,white:6000-6500K. )

    LED Type: SMD 5050

    Color: warm white, white, nature white

    LED Quantity: 30leds/Meter, 60leds/Meter, 72leds/Meter, 84leds/Meter, 96leds/Meter, 120leds/Meter

    View angle:120°

    PCB width: 12MM or 20MM

    Working Input Voltage: 12V or 24V

    Drive Mode: Contant Voltage

    Waterproof Rate:

    IP20: Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back,

    IP65: waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surfacewith 3M sticker on the back,

    I67: silicone tube

    I68: silicone glue inside the silicone tube

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