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608 Leds/m COB CCT Led strip

Product Model: LC-COBX608XM10W-24V
Led Qty: 304+304/LED
Power: 10W+10W
Voltage: DC24V
Width: 10mm
Wavelength: W/WW(6000/3000K)
CRI:80-90/90-95/ >95 is optional

  • COB CCT LED Strip is an LED electronic light-emitting product and the surface of the product is uniform and has no dark areas, with 2 inl color adjustable temperature control.
    The COB LED Strip has strong deformability, and can be cut and rolled at will, which makes it highly flexible and strong variable in engineering applications. Various complex pattern changes can be made, it can also be used to hook the outline of the main body, and can also be used in irregular places and places with narrow space.

    Adopting DC24V direct current low-voltage power supply mode, with high safety factor and simple project acceptance procedure.

  • upload/202210/304leds+304leds-WW-W COB CCT LED Strip.pdf
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