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12V Double Data GS8208/LC8808B LED Strip IP67 silicone tube
  • GS8208 is a type of double data led strips, with the advantage that two data line work at same time. It is the same function with the ws2813 led strip, but non built-in IC, quality good for project. And our GS8208 LED Strip is 12v, but still each pixel addressable, each led with one GS8208 IC programmable.  Besides, for installation, the 12v voltage is much convenient for clients and to some extent better solved 5v led strip voltage drop issue.

    • IC Type: GS8208 Double data non built-in IC
    • LED Type:256 Gray Scales High Brightness 5050SMD LED,
    • LED Qty :30/48/60/72/96/144 LEDs/m available
    • White PCB
    • 16.4 ft / 5m Reel,
    • High Quality RGB LED,
    • Viewing angle:120 degree,
    • Gray Scale:256

    • Waterproof  & Dimension:
      • Waterproof IP grade :IP20 Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back, Size:5000*10*2.5mm
      • IP65 waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surface,Size:5000*10*3mm
      • IP67: silicone tube,Size:5000*12*4mm
      • IP68: silcone gel(or epoxy) inside silicone tube.Size:5000*12*4mm

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