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addresable PVC tube neon light
  • Recently we make a new neon light with the digital led strip inside, such as 12v 60led/m ws2811/ ucs1903 led strip. of course, 5v addressable led strip also can be done this type too, for instance, 5v sk6812 rgb led strip, 5v ws2811 led strip, 5v ucs1903 led strip, etc

    at moment, the pcb inside only 10mm width pcb allowed and both black and white PCB is ok.

    we make two kinds tube for neon light, one is PVC tube, and another one is silicone tube.

    with these neon tube for addressable led strip, the emitting effect is more beautiful than each pixel point changing.

    the size of PVC tube neon light is 13X25MM, each 5m a roll.

    the size of silicone tube neon light is 12X22MM, each 5m a roll.

    Check Youtube Video:

    > PVC tube neon light 1

    > PVC tube neon light 2

    > Silicone tube neon light

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