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5050 SMD RGBY LED Chip

  • 5050 SMD RGBY LED Chip


    5050 RGBY LED CHIP

    RGBY LED provides the leading Chip on Top SMD type of LED technology for high efficiency solid-state

    lighting solutions. It offers excellent uniformity, flexibility and cost efficiency along with compact size and wide range

    of color selections. All components are produced by packing high-performance LED chips and silicon resin with proprietary phosphors.

    1. Features and Benefits

    . Ideal for LED lighting application to avoid multi-shadows
    . Higher heat conductivity for better thermal management
    . Provide variable and innovative array LED layout designs and combinations
    . Reduce the initial development cost and time
    . High lumen-performance per dollar cost
    . Lead free reflow solder compatible with RoHS compliant

    2. Applications

    Solid State Lighting
    . Indoor/Outdoor/Decoration
    . Signal Light Engine
    . Commercial Display
    . Industrial Light Engine

    3. Dimensions and Materials
    . Dimensions: 5.5 mm x 5 mm x 1.6 mm
    . Packages: Top SMD
    . Capsulated Resin: Silicone Resin with Silicate Phosphor
    . Electrodes: Ag Plating
    . Chips: Total 4 chips packed in cavity

    Datasheet of 5050 SMD RGBY LED Chip

    And we have developed 5050 RGBY LED Strips, which is using the same PCB as with rgbw led strips.

    DC12V,DC24V,30/60/72/84/96/120 LEDs per meter.

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