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5V UCS2912 RGBW LED Strip
UCS2912 led strip is a new design of rgbw digital led strips, using Epistar 4chips in 1 SMD 5050 rgbw led with programmable UCS2912 IC, 15mm width board, non built-in UCS2912 IC control, 256 gray level, can be cuttable, can achieve chasing, color changing, flash and so on effect. Our UCS2912 RGBW led strip not only can achieve digital color changing effect, but also can achieve pure white , warm white, or nature white fixed effect. So compared with RGB dream color led strip, this UCS2912 rgbw led strip not only have both function of RGB and RGBW led strip, but also a very cost-effective solution for you.
  • LED Type: SMD 5050

    Color: RGBW (warm white:2800-3200K,nature white:4000-4500K,white:6000-6500K)

    LED Quantity: 60leds/Meter

    Pixel: 60 pixels/Meter

    IC Type: UCS2912

    IC Quantity: 20ICs/M

    Gray Scale: 256

    View angle:120°

    Working Input Voltage: 5V

    Drive Mode: Contant Voltage

    Output power: 24W /5 Meter

    Working Tempreture:-20° to 60°

    3 cables: DC+, DAT, GND


    5000*15*2.5mm (non-waterproof),

    5000*15*4mm (IP65 waterproof),

    5000*17*4mm (IP67 waterproof).

    Waterproof Rate:

    IP20: Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back,

    IP65: waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surfacewith 3M sticker on the back,

    I67: silicone tube,

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